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Jéan-Pierre Whitfield - Professional Falconer
Born in what was then Rhodesia, Jéan-Pierre spent the early part of his life growing up in Africa. 

Jéan-Pierre was fascinated by birds from an early age and took several ornithology courses at Pretoria Zoo and this led to taking part in conservation projects including the setting up of a Vulture restaurant outside of Lydenberg, in South Africa.

Jéan-Pierre travelled the world before settling down in the UK in 1997 and moving to his dads hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire in 2001.  He has been enjoying the country life, flying his birds, and training dogs ever since.

Jéan-Pierre has become widely recognised through his iconic green hat which he is rarely ever seen without!
Tracey Whitfield - Office Manager
Tracey is Jéan-Pierre's wife and is also the Whizoo Office Manager so you might see her name popping up on emails every now and then. 

She is also in charge of updating the website so if there is anything you think should be added - let her know - tracey@whizoo.co.uk
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